I started writing articles about Drip back in October 2018 and since then I've written over 30 of them because I sincerely believe that DeFi (in particular Drip Network) is the only way I'm going to make a significant amount of money and be in with a shot at financial freedom and early retirement.

I'm also into Elephant Money, Hyper, Yield Nodes, Animal Farm and Drip Garden and I love to discuss any of these on Telegram where you can find me most of the time (t.me/Farnott)

I publish content on YouTube occasionally but Medium is my favourite place to share my thoughts and ideas, guides and tips.

I am a director of a small "niche" digital marketing agency in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Thanks to Drip I am able to work part time hours. The rest of the time I spend writing articles, making YouTube videos, answering questions about Drip on Telegram and being a strategic guide for new Drip investors.

I take lots of mini vacations in the UK and Europe with my wife. We love to stay in 5 star luxury whenever possible (thanks to Drip) and really enjoy fine dining (plant-based of course) and fine red wines.


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Flemming Arnott

Flemming Arnott

Marketing agency director. I help people create passive income and wealth for themselves by teaching them about new opportunities in crypto and DeFi.